July 30, 2012

Happy 50th Alton Brown

A very good thing about having a just a written site is no one has to hear me sing Happy Birthday. But I do want to wish Alton Brown a very special birthday wish. I always wish him a good day for his birthday but this year it is even more special because his is turning 5o. I'm not sure if AB is keen on hitting the milestone or not but I do want to point out a few things to AB. So of this is being said completely as a fangirl (yes, occasionally I do lapse into one of those).
  • You may be 50 but are handsome as ever. In fact, I think you are even more handsome now :D
  • Smart, funny and quirky are never old
  • You're charming and gracious
  • No one on Food Network has your combination of talent and never will
I hope Alton has a great birthday and doesn't get to caught up in the number on the candles. He has been blessed to have a lot in his life. Especially a dream come true like getting to make Good Eats and I hope that he reflects on that and remembers that. PS: On Food Network's Facebook page they are asking what fans would make for AB's birthday. I said I would smoke some trout in my box smoker that's patterned off of his. A tomato pie because we're both Southerners (and tomatoes are in season) and a coconut cream pie. I hope he would enjoy that meal. :)

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