October 07, 2009

Alton Brown on The View

The full episode of The View featuring Alton Brown is now up on ABC's website. Go here to watch the show online. While you are there, go to the show's main page and scroll on the video screen for "Alton's Exit Interview." Or click here for the direct link. It is a nice little chat with AB. And thanks, again, the reader Vicky for the find.

I was pleasantly surprised by the segment on The View, far better than the Today Show segment.

And remember AB has two more TV guest appearances this week. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) on Thursday night (Friday morning, depends on how you look at it) and The Early Show (CBS) on Friday morning.


LittleBit said...

Wow that abc video player does NOT work well on my mac! The sound kept going in and out and the screen went kind of beserk on me. Couldn't see the segment with AB. Oh well, thanks for posting this anyway, I did get to see Alton make cccccrepppes, thank you. Maybe you can snag the View vid elsewhere and isolate just AB's part. Youtube maybe?

Mise En Place said...

Was that for the whole segment or the exit interview?

The exit interview works on my imac but I didn't install the video player for the whole episode.

I'll see if it can be found on alternate sources ;)

LittleBit said...

The exit interview was ok, but the actual segment on the show was hard to see. Could very well be my internet connection too, it's been slow this afternoon. I'll try and watch it later and see if it's any better.

Lauren said...

I did the small install & watched AB's portion on the episode on my Mac. Scrolling the page once the video had started kinda freaked out the image while scrolling, but it was otherwise fine. But I'm also running cable line internet. :)

LittleBit said...

Sweet! I replayed the View segment with Alton and got to see the whole thing. The audio was a few seconds ahead of the video but at least it wasn't cutting out every 4 secs. Did I hear AB say he was offered to appear on Dancing With the Stars? I might watch it just to see him, but all those corny costumes and tacky music, I just don't know…doesn't seem like him. Cool demo though, the eggplant parm looked delicious! Something like that I would never think to turn the eggplant into noodles. He's such a genius. I'm glad he took a bite at the end, that was cool.

vicky said...

He makes that eggplant dish on an ep of Good Eats.

Berry From Another Planet
(The Eggplant Episode)

Raej said...

The Dancing with the Stars comment was in response to The Chairman from Iron Chef being on there this season. Don't know if AB has actually been asked or is just making a joke.

I really appreciate that he made 2 different dishes on the 2 different shows. Wonder if he'll keep that up?

Also: did anyone else notice that at least one host on each morning show seemed to find his (wonderful) dry humor a bit annoying?