July 24, 2009

Crime of Pickle

Normally once a recipe has received a blog post, follow up is rare. I like to try new things and reporting on them, even if recipe is one made over and an over. But this time a break with tradition, I offer a report on my second attempt to make Alton Brown's dill pickle recipe. And more precisely, how my pickles were burglarized.

My first attempt at making real dills started last year after a trip to a local farm. I found just enough cucumbers to start a small batch of them in the fridge. The "Dill-icious" episode had inspired me to make them because Alton made it look so easy. I opted for the fridge version because of lacking a crock and the space to store it.

These little cukes turned out fanatic, or so I'm told by my mom. She ended up confiscating my three jars! I had a sample spear and one other. After that they were gone.

Plans this year, were to obtain many, many more cukes to make a large batch... still in the fridge but more jars. A few weeks ago, I found some prime specimens at the local farmers market.
With a plethora of cucumbers at hand, I made six jars and tucked them away and forgot about them.

Until yesterday. That's when I discovered my pickles had been plundered.

My mom is an unbelievable pickle freak. She ended up eating all of last year's pickles and as I discovered, cracked open my latest batch.

She admitted to getting them from the fridge, eating six spears. She told me, she could have put the half eaten jar back and never told me but they were just bothering her too much to take it anymore.

I commended her on confessing to the crime.

In inspecting the damage, I opened the smallest jar of the six to find a pleasing pickle aroma. The dill, strong. The garlic, strong. The substance the former cukes float in no longer was clear water but a slightly greenish-brown from the transformation.

According to mom, these are even better than last year's batch. I'll have to take her at her word since I had a grand total of 2 spears!

I gave mom some grief about if I didn't watch Good Eats and AB, I wouldn't have cracked the code on pickles. I think she's happy about that.

Still pondering Koolickles.


vicky said...

Way to go! I love pickles, but I haven't tried making AB's.

But, I HAVE made Koolickles! They are crazy to look at, but they taste good!! They are sweet and sour all at the same time.

It was hard for me to not eat them all at once!

Mise En Place said...

I coworker turned me on to orange flavored candied pickles, and I could eat the whole jar of those!

We were discussing them in the break room one day and I commented these might be like Koolicles. The conversation was overheard by another coworker and she had to ask what a Koolickle was... she thinks I'm nuts now ;)

One SAHD Dude said...

I have to admit I haven't tried AB's method yet. I usually just go with the Ball pickle mix and add fresh dill and lots of garlic. The harvest is starting to come in though, so this may be a good time for something new. Lord knows I have enough mason jars sitting around :-)

Mise En Place said...

The recipe is very simple. I think it makes some tasty pickles!

I know the feeling about the mason jars! ;)