June 15, 2009

Alton Brown's Fabulous Fajitas

There are are so many recipes I've tried over the many years I've been cooking; there are a few of my go to dishes, some I've modified so much it nary resembles the original and ones committed to memory. The marinade for skirt steak from Alton Brown is one of those I can whip out sans recipe card.

If I had a list of the very best things learned from watching Good Eats, this recipe would score near the top. I made it right after first seeing it in "Raising the Steaks." Of course, my attempt at making it ended with not being able to find the correct items. Grr.

The problem was locating skirt steak. The ol' mega-mart only had pre-packaged, pre-cut skirt steak. Apparently, this makes it more convenient to cook fajitas. I just rolled my eyes and moved on trying to locate undamaged skirt steak somewhere. Eventually, I opted for another cut of beef because I so wanted to try this recipe. My discovery was an awesome marinade for any cut of beef.

The other problem, locating natural lump charcoal. I have since procured natural briquettes, but at first attempt I only had regular briquettes. So, cooking straight on the coals was most certainly out of the question.

Although I now use natural briquettes and can find whole flank steak, I still revert back to the way I originally made this recipe. This is especially if some other cut of beef is on sale.

When this recipe calls, at the beginning of the grill season, I break out my stained copy for review, just in case I have forgotten something over the winter. What I find, is that I can quote this recipe exactly. The first time that happened I was shocked, not realizing I made it that much.

Now after seeing the recent ICA battle skirt steak, I understand this dish cannot be called "fajitas" since a different cut of beef is involved... but, I guess what? I don't care! They are still great whatever moniker they have.

This marinade is highly recommended.


Drew said...

Wow! You are definitely the AB super fan! Great site and thanks for visiting mine.

Mise En Place said...

Thanks Drew :)