March 10, 2009

Alton Brown's cheesecake

Learning to make a cheesecake from scratch was something I never would have tried before watching Alton make one. Growing up my mom made the instant ones from Jello. I knew nothing of a real baked cheesecake.

AB's cheesecake episode showed how with the right technique a great cheesecake can be created. So out went the no baked and in came the real honest to goodness cheesecake method.

This cheesecake recipe has become the only one I make. It is a great tangy version. My mom made one of the no-bake Jello after having one of my real ones. She said it had ruined her and it's not the same.

I blame AB. She blames me for making it. It's still AB's fault.


THE Holly said...

Wow did I love those Jello cheesecakes! A splash of Bailey's or Kahlua in that puppy and you were really on to something! Nice lookin 'cake there Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

I made alton's cheesecake for my mother-in-law's 84 birthday on dec.28th and she's still talking about it. My husband called her from the Bahamas to wish her a Happy New Year and he said she just talked about how good that PIE is Brenda made. My mother-in-law has been cookin for over 70 years and if she says its good, Well you have it. Thanks Alton for sharing. Brenda (Minnesota)